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Sekhmet Statue Egyptian Lion Figurine War Goddess
Sekhmet Statue Egyptian Lion Figurine War Goddess
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Sekhmet Statue Egyptian Lion Figurine War Goddess
Dimensions :25cm  H  / 9.8 in  H
Sekhmet (also known as Sekmet, Sachmet, Sakhmet, Sakhet and Sekhet) was the warrior goddess of Upper Egypt. Her name means 'the (one who is) powerful'. She was often depicted in the form of a lioness, a hunting animal known to the Egyptians for its strength and ferocity. It was believed that she created the desert with her breath. Egyptians considered her the protector of pharaohs. She had such a strong following in Egyptian culture that when Amenemhat I moved the capital of Egypt to Itjtawy, the center for her cult moved as well. Sekhmet is a solar deity, considered an aspect of Hathor and Bast. Bearing the solar disk, and the Uraeus (a royal association), she can be construed as a divine arbiter of Ma'at (justice, order), the Eye of Horus, and connection with Tefnut.
Sekhmet was considered more powerful than Bast, the warrior goddess of Lower Egypt, as Upper Egypt had conquered Lower Egypt. Sekhmet was seen as the avenger of wrongs, the scarlet lady, the one with bloodlust. The Egyptians also considered her a special goddess for women, ruling over menstruation. In some later cults, she became identified as a daughter of the new sun god Ra, when his cult merged with Horus (son of Hathor, who gave birth daily to the sun). It was believed that Sekhmet protected the pharaoh in battle, destroying enemies with fire and arrows.

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